The Process

Preserving bouquets is a process, and we want you to know a little bit about that process

How It Works


Choose Your Items, Book A Date

  • Once you’ve selected your products and begin the checkout process, you’ll choose the date you plan on shipping your flowers to us!

  • After selecting your flower shipping date, select your preferred payment plan: (1) pay a 25% deposit at checkout and pay the remainder when we receive your flowers OR (2) pay in full at checkout and not have to worry about it later
(If your date is not available, email us and we can send you instructions on how to dry your flowers and send them to us at a later date)


Drop Off Or Ship

  • When your flower shipment date arrives, follow my Shipping Instructions to ensure your flowers arrive to us in their best condition!
  • We do accept local drop offs for special events located in or near Chattanooga, TN! Email us to see if your date is available for a drop off!


Let Us Handle The Rest

  • When we receive your flowers, we will immediately begin our drying process to make sure your flowers look as fresh as possible

  • Once your flowers have been appropriately dried, we will design your products to compliment the style of your bouquet and begin our casting process.

  • When the casting process is completed and your products have fully cured, they will be polished, boxed up, and sent back to you!

  • *Our current product return time is 3-5 months from the date we receive your flowers*

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